If you are interested in learning about the science of yoga, or art & philosophy? Do you know that in depth study exploring yoga can dramatically affect your yoga practice? All it takes is a passion to grow mentally & physically in all your aspects of life.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the yoga practice or a yogi veteran, you just need to have a desire to dive deeper into your yoga practice. And for that you might like to explore the yoga teacher training (YTT). You will find many local or national teaching organizations with many different teaching programs matching your desires.

You might don’t know how much benefit it would add to your life, because it is unimaginable!! Below mentioned are the few reasons to encourage you for choosing the yoga teacher training to enhance your life.

1. Enhance Your Personal Yoga Practice

The best way to learn about your body is practicing yoga on a daily and regular basis. Each person’s physical, mental & emotional level is different, so how you are participating throughout the yoga practice is the most important aspect of it. If you are feeling connected with yourself along with breaking down the yoga postures exploring the optimum alignment for each pose by understanding their modifications. Because their variations are different for each and every person and it can be really empowering for you! And the end result will be a stronger body and a healthy mind with a good connection and efficiency in the practicing yoga itself.

2. Nourishing Your Emotional & Physical Health

Yoga has many kinds of health benefits that includes increased physical & mental strength, good physical stamina and flexibility, lesser amount of stress levels and many more! It helps heal your body from everyday stress and also helps in maintaining well being of your physical as well as mental aspect of your life. If you are choosing to go for YTT, you can understand even more about your physical and mental health as well as the various healing aspects of yoga for your life. And this in turn will help you to heal your body and mind and reconnect with yourself. As it includes all types of breathing practices and meditation, the knowledge and practice of the same will help you nurture your overall health and well being!!

3. Learning Life Changing Aspects About Yoga

Any type of YTT will lead you to the opportunity to have a student’s attention & commitment for a specific period of time. The time period for the YTT ranges from an intensive month to weekends spread throughout the year. And once you finish, you will leave with a higher caliber of skills to lead the yoga classes with all the needed tools as well as wisdom. And when those are applied correctly will definitely enhance your everyday life. Your communication skill will also be improved along with the increased awareness in response to the curveballs life throws at you. You will find deeper connections and a profound sense of compassion for yourself as well as others.

4. Personal Growth & Self Transformation

The first and foremost thing you will be hearing from all the graduates of YTT is that the training experience has changed their life!! And you will also feel the same throughout your training. You will get a chance to explore various maps of yoga science that illuminate your view about yourself as well as the people around you. You will also be provided with many different ways to identify the patterns of your life and relationships. With the increased awareness, you will become more and more positive about yourself as well as others around you! And the beauty about this YTT is, once you will have this awareness, you will find an opportunity to change yourself. And you will grow in a manner you might have never thought it was possible!!

5. Making New Friends

The best thing will ever happen to you during the YTT is you will be a part of a yoga community, and that will be the perfect thing that has happened to you till date!! There will be strangers willing to show interest to solve your problems and offer support during your physical and mental growth and will help you in learning and sharing the various aspects of your life. And it will be even more powerful when there will be an element of vulnerability. You might find cultivating a strong bond with your fellow participants and you might feel it surprising but you will be staying connected with them even after the training session is over. You might even end up making friends for lifetime with a few!!

6. Become A Yoga Teacher To Change Someone’s Life

Becoming a yoga teacher is like achieving the best version of yourself because that is what it is actually about. You will find the internal leader emerging from within. And that in turn will inspire other people around you to join the yoga community.

Almost half of the participants who join the YTT have no intentions to teach other students, but some might change their mind during the training itself as they feel empowered. It is not necessary for you to decide that you want to teach for yoga classes or not as you can always do it later in your life whenever you feel that you are ready for it. Many people just become leaders by leading a life that has become an example for others.

So, in any case it is a win-win game for you. And even if you decide not to teach you will always be respected the same for whatever knowledge you have the practice you have done. As with your yoga skills and knowledge, you will be the gift to the yoga community.

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