At one point or another, it happens to everyone. Whether you book a high-end hotel room or you go on a getaway, you notice that there is one of those incredible wooden hot tubs nearby. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy one before, read on.

The Experience

The hot tub calls out to you from afar. It’s power, it’s beauty. You give in over your logic or reason, of course it’s inevitable. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means your human.

As the temptation takes over, you climb in ‘reluctantly’ and bravely take the guarded pose: legs firm, arms in, back straight. Then the magic reveals itself. Before you realise it, all of your tension begins to melt away.

The steamy water wraps your body in a comforting embrace, causing you to slither chin-deep into your boiling surroundings stopped by the outstretched feet of a complete stranger.

When your time comes to an end, you’ll be forced to drag your fully relaxed, jell-o-like body out of that temporary tropical oasis and back into reality.

Book your stay and enjoy our cedar wood hot tub here at Ananda Wellness Retreat.



Tara van Milligan

Wow I am totally blown away by this amazing place. The yoga retreat was incredible, Logan and Emma are fantastic facilitators and the program was really immersive. The grounds are stunning, we spent time meditating down by the creek which was just magic. The facilities were wonderful too, I loved the new cedar hot tub and sauna. And the food was absolutely delicious! Leaving the retreat feeling energized, refreshed and so grateful for a wonderful few days. Can’t wait to return again

Laju Bhojwani

I had a good time at ananda wellness retreat at jambero on the new years 2020 with my friend kavita . Logan and Emma were great teachers and really enjoyed the place it was mind blowing love the Greek and river . The food and accomodation all so perfect . So grateful to the owners to give us such a amazing place to go . Thank you lots of love and light .

Rachel Anne

Incredibly beautiful space, and run by awesome instructors and management team. So close to Sydney, with a perfect spa offering too. Thoroughly recommend this new retreat, so excited to see this open!