Yoga Retreat Near ACT

Ananda is one of the most memorable yoga and meditation retreats near ACT. Come and stay with the team at our retreat, offering various lookouts and picnic areas with views as far as the eyes can see. We'll show you an experience that leaves your body relaxed but refreshed - ready for taking on life's busy lifestyle without worry!

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Holistic Yoga Retreat Packages Near ACT

We understand that sometimes the only way to relax is by coming home. We offer a variety of relaxation options for those looking into yoga and meditation retreats, from our beautifully designed rooms and best retreat packages in our retreat near ACT.

Wellness Workshop & Retreat Near ACT

Escape from your daily stress and spend some time away at Ananda's wellness retreat around ACT. Ananda's wellness retreat offers a range of retreat packages at ACT that will suit your needs and wallet. Whether you're looking for an escape from daily stress or some time away to think deeply, these affordable accommodations will leave you feeling relaxed and calm your nerves.

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Mindfulness Retreat Near ACT

What better way to start your stress-free new journey than with a little relaxation? Find peace and healing at Ananda Wellness Retreats. Our retreat packages and programs around ACT are designed to help you let go of all that tension and calm your nerves.

Massage & Spa Therapy Retreat Near ACT

Massage and spa therapy are an ideal way to reduce stress and soothe your body and soul. If you need help calming down or soothing away the tension, visit our retreat for intuitive relaxation massages, pregnancy massages and more.

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Day & Weekend Retreat Near ACT

We all need a break from time to time, and what better way than with an overnight stay at our day and weekend retreat near ACT? Whether you're looking for a day or longer, we've got the perfect package that includes meals, drinks and accommodation.

Health Retreat Near ACT

We invite you to come to stay at Ananda health retreat near ACT, where we'll help rehydrate your body with some rest. Our serene property is just what every person needs after being active all day, everyday.

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Eco Nature Retreat Near ACT

Our eco-friendly retreat near ACT is the perfect place to take in some natural beauty and enjoy our vegan food and drink services along with unique spa treatments.

For more information about retreat programs and retreat packages near ACT , connect with us at (02) 4236 0269 or email us at