Best Retreat Near Canberra to Relax

The journey to wellness starts with a single step. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity for connection and freedom in their lives. Ananda's yoga retreat and meditation retreat near Canberra offers wellness practices such as flotation tanks, traditional bodywork treatments and the medicines of nature.

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Yoga Retreat Near Canberra

Yoga retreats can be a great way to escape from your hectic everyday routine life. At Ananda Wellness, we offer the best yoga retreat near Canberra to provide deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace for both beginners and experts. You'll also find wellness programs and meditation sessions with various leisure facilities on-site at our retreats.

We also have wellness retreat programs around Canberra and meditation retreat near Canberra with various complimentary leisure facilities.

Wellness Workshop & Retreat Canberra

The  Ananda Wellness retreat  near Canberra is the perfect place to withdraw from your everyday stress and achieve inner peace. Our retreat packages are designed for people who want an escape that offers more than just relaxation and offers tools that allow them to live peacefully with themselves again.

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Relax and Unwind at Mindfulness Retreat Near Canberra

Escape the hustle and bustles of your everyday life at Ananda mindfulness retreat near Canberra to find inner peace. The package will provide an opportunity to withdraw from stress while achieving complete relaxation. You have access to Ananda's full range of wellness activities, including: 

Wellness therapies
Flotation Tank
Vichy Showers
Steam Showers & more

Much-needed Massage & Spa Therapy Retreat Near Canberra

Get away from your daily grind with a massage and spa therapy retreat near Canberra. If you're looking to escape, we recommend booking a perfect package for what each of us needs at different times in our lives - whether it be time alone or together.

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Day & Weekend Retreat Canberra

To make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible, we offer a variety of packages. Whether you're looking for one night or seven nights at our weekend retreat near Canberra, our weekend deals will suit any budget!

Health Retreat Near Canberra

Experience the benefits of a health retreat near Canberra. Staying here at Ananda Health Retreat will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed with an understanding of how to take care of your mind to have more peace within yourself so that your busy lifestyle isn't too much pressure.

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Eco Nature Retreat Near Canberra

You can use our facilities to add variety and freshness to your days. We are one the most promising wellness spas, offering an amazing wedding venue at a vegan resort.

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