Ananda’s Holistic Yoga Retreat Near Jamberoo

Ananda's yoga retreat near Jamberoo is all about balance and wellbeing. We believe that everyone deserves to be held by nature, which means our programs reflect this desire for connection with nature. The healing power of nature awaits you at Ananda. From yoga and meditation to flotation tanks, our retreat has it all for a truly relaxing experience!

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Yoga Retreat Near Jamberoo

Our yoga retreat near Jamberoo offers a perfect escape from your everyday routine life. We have the best yoga plans that will provide relaxation and rejuvenation, especially for those looking to get back in touch with themselves.

Wellness Workshop & Retreat Near Jamberoo

Why not take some time out of every day to relax and unload? At our wellness retreat near NSW Jamberoo, you can withdraw from the stress in your life. You'll find peace with our retreat programs and packages designed for people who want more than just an escape--they need holistic healing!

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Mindfulness Retreat Near Jamberoo

Take some time out to heal your body and mind with a mindfulness retreat near Jamberoo. Relax, release stress while starting healthy living at Ananda!

Massage & Spa Therapy Retreat Near Jamberoo

Get away from the daily grind, book a massage or spa therapy at our wellness retreat near Jamberoo. We offer pregnancy massage, facial, reiki energy healing and intuitive relaxation massage.

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Day & Weekend Retreat Near Jamberoo

Our package for day and weekend retreat includes all meals, drinks and snacks, and accommodation for one or three nights - whichever works best with your schedule! We also provide linen and bath towels along with your retreat program.

Health Retreat Near Jamberoo

Whether to relax, rejuvenate or just take some time out of our hectic lives, we invite everyone who needs an escape to this beautiful health retreat near Jamberoo.

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Eco Nature Retreat Near Jamberoo

Ananda Wellness Retreat is a one-stop destination for wellness enthusiasts. Our facilities can serve as an amazing wedding venue as a vegan resort.


For more information about yoga retreats near Jamberoo, connect with us on (02) 4236 0269 or mail us at