De-stress from Life At Ananda's Retreat Near Kiama

At Ananda Retreat near Kiama, we believe that everyone deserves to be held by nature and the community. Our programs reflect this belief as individuals can access customised adventures with other like-minded people. Whether you're looking for a day trip from town or want more than just your weekends filled up entirely on outdoor activities, our yoga retreat near Kiama is the perfect place to relax and rewind.

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Yoga Retreat Near Kiama

Yoga Retreat is an excellent way to relax, reset and de-stress. At Ananda Wellness, we offer the best yoga retreats near Kiama for beginners or experts so you can enjoy your time away in peace. We have packages tailored just right that can provide a deep reset and a profound sense of relaxation.

Wellness Workshop & Retreat Near Kiama to Escape from Hectic Schedules

Find your inner peace with Ananda's wellness retreat. The packages are designed to withdraw you from everyday life's stress and achieve internal calmness, making us the most promising retreat near Kiama.

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Mindfulness Retreat Near Kiama

The perfect escape awaits you at Ananda's wellness and yoga retreat near Kiama. Get away from your busy life, let go of stress and tension with a relaxing escape at Ananda. Relax while learning new ways to heal your body, mind and soul. 

Massage & Spa Therapy Retreat Near Kiama

Ananda is perfect if you want to get away from your daily grind. Escape with massage and spa therapy retreats near Kiama! You will find plenty of options for different packages that help you create a sense of calm and peace within yourself.

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Day & Weekend Retreat Near Kiama

You deserve a break, and we have just what you're looking for. Our day retreat package near Kiama will rejuvenate your body, soul and mind. Our exclusive services provide all meals (including vegetarian options), drinks, snacks, accommodation, linen bath towels, yoga twice per day as per schedule, meditation, workshop and our retreat program.

Health Retreat Near Kiama

We invite you to come and stay at the Ananda health retreat around Kiama. Our centre is dedicated to helping people balance their busy lifestyle with the need for relaxation through various treatments such as massages or acupuncture - all while leaving your mind free from any stressors that may have been bothering you.

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Eco Nature Retreat Near Kiama

Live a healthier lifestyle at Ananda Wellness Retreat with one of our many facilities. We are best-in-class for everything from wedding venues and spas to wellness retreats! Our eco nature vegan resort can be perfect as a wedding venue. 

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