In our culture we have a tendency to busy ourselves so much that our mental and physical health suffers. In ancient indigenous cultures people knew the importance of balance and wellbeing, moving slower, leaving more time in their days, spending time in nature, learning the language of the land, and cycling with the seasons.

The only constant in science is change, and we quickly adapted to the ever changing and evolving times, we got lost and someone forgot to pay attention to how we walk in the world. The Dharawal indigenous people worked with nature to seek balance, harmony, and bliss. To be one with their surroundings they remained in stillness and listened.

Indigenous had a natural instinct to retreat to the creek shores, and sit and listen to nature on the mountains.

This is the very philosophy which brought Ananda Wellness Retreat to life.

Life is changing more rapidly than ever, and individuals are recognizing the importance of taking care of themselves, body, mind, and spirit. Recognizing the importance of finding natural ways to heal. Ananda provides access to this through yoga, meditation, and wellness practices such as flotation tanks, traditional bodywork treatments and through the medicine of nature.

Here at Ananda, we believe that everyone deserves to be held, by nature, and by community. Our programs and experiences reflect this. We have customizable and unique programs to assist every individual on his/her journey back to freedom and connection.